Yoram Yasur Abt: Why take electronics away

Electronic devices make our lives much easier and simpler. We are always in touch with our loved ones; we can share pictures and emotions. They help us to develop and learn new things. But unfortunately the use of these devices is not always correct, especially when it comes to children who have unlimited access to their smartphones or tablets. According to recent research, there are some reasons to teach your child to use electronic devices with moderation.
– There will be fewer reasons to cry: If a person feels addiction for something, they get upset if you remove it. So if your child gets hysterical, don’t rush to return them the tablet only to calm them. You only fix the problem temporarily. It is better to try to calm the child with a good talk, and promise you’ll go to the park or tell a story to distract them.
– The child sleeps better: It is proven that the use of electronic devices in the afternoon affects negatively the quality of sleep and your well-being for the next day. However, many teens do not rest, preferring more entertaining pastimes like technology. And, unfortunately, it’s less healthy.
– Increase creativity: Many parents realize that smartphones constantly distracts children and make them a confused individual. Online games and video games limit the imagination and creativity of children. And don’t be afraid that your child may be bored at the moment. If you experience this state, you have a reason to think of something to have fun. This is how children develop their creative thinking.
– The child becomes a social being: We learn to be polite and try not to hurt other people precisely because we did it, and our memory holds memories of certain reactions to our words. And in time we know how things can hurt other people so we don’t say them. But, unfortunately, when we talk to someone online, we can’t hear their voice tone, appreciate their body language or facial expressions. It is not possible to feel mood swings in another person, and these skills are essential to establish good relations. Yoram Yasur Abt: “A child needs to have good communication live with its family and friends to express compassion and understanding the nature of other people”. Only live communication will teach you to feel relaxed in the company of other people, which will be very useful in adulthood.
– The physical state depends on the activity: Usually, when we use electronic devices, we remain in a static state. And we can be sitting in the same position for hours, immersed in what happens on our screens. We all know that this inactivity can be the main cause of weight gain, not only in adults but in children. According to research, children whose parents don’t let them connect to the Internet from their rooms are less likely to suffer from obesity.
– There is nothing more important than the comfort of your child: Yoram Yasur Abt: “The huge flow of information, often unnecessary and harmful, can even make an adult uneasy. Imagine how it affects children who are much less resistant to various shocks”. Someone says something bad in social networks, and children lose their peace. Remember that it’s much easier to write something behind a screen than to say in the face; that is why social networks are a high risk for your child and can cause a lot of stress.

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