Yoram Yasur Abt tells you how to make your baby enjoy its first Halloween

Yoram Yasur:

The Halloween party is for children a moment of extreme happiness, but for your baby, like any beginner, the amount of unknown costumes, the number of children moving around, the cries and laughter of emotion, and the excessive amount of sugar, baby may be confused and overwhelmed a bit, don’t you think? That’s why today, Yoram Yasur Abt will share with you these tips for your baby’s first Halloween that will make you and him / her enjoy this fun party.

# 1 Go out with a full stomach and an empty bladder:

This is the first law for all moms, and even more so if we have a baby or a preschooler, right? So, make sure your kid eats well before you go out, so reduce the amount of sweets you will be asked for, and make sure the diaper is completely dry when you leave.

# 2 Avoid crowds:

Yoram Yasur Abt: “Large groups of kids tend to run, scream, jump and do things that may scare your little one, so even if it seems to be the opposite, it’s best if you try to date other mothers with babies or go out alone with your arms if there is a steeper path”.

# 3 Knock the door of people you know:

Besides we always tell the children not to talk to strangers, and it would be contradictory if we allow it on Halloween night, your baby will be much calmer and can have better fun if he sees familiar faces when they give the candy, don’t it look like it?

# 4 Choose a comfortable and warm disguise:

Yoram Yasur Abt: “You will agree with me that comfort is very important for you to enjoy, is not it? So, it would be good if you chose a comfortable disguise that does not prevent it from moving or seeing freely, while keeping it warm while we go door to door. Can you imagine his happy face? What satisfaction for a mother!”

# 5 Take the tour before sunset:

If there is still sunlight, everything will be less frightening, there will be fewer children roaming the streets, and your baby will be able to follow his routine and go to bed like every day. Does it seem better to you?


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