Yoram Yasur Abt: Starting school

We know that one of the issues that most concerns moms and dads during the months before classes start is school adjustment, especially the first entry of the child in nursery school or the first day of their little adult in college. Undoubtedly, it is an intense period, which involves different emotional changes in children and their parents.
It is customary that the beginning of school causes in a child crying, grief and more sensitivity than usual from not wanting to be separated from parents. These are normal reactions, which they and we can overcome with some simple strategies. Here, Yoram Yasur Abt, has some tips for parents to encourage attitudes that are favorable for welcoming school.
Prepare the child: Explain to them where they are going, some of the activities they will do, and who will be there, always highlighting the positive aspects.
Understand the fear: understand the anxiety and fear they can feel from separating from you and your home. For them school is still an unknown place.
They will need time to adjust: Your child might be more sensitive, or even furious, but that’s the way they express their anguish and fears. Welcome them back home with love and happiness.
Farewell rituals: Like magic kisses, and extra dose of pampering before they go and even giving them a special object of yours to take is going to make them feel more secure. They need to know that even if you’re not together, your hearts always are. You can tell them phrases like “I’ll always think of you” or “I’m always with you”. As an extra detail, you can put a special detail in their lunchbox so they remember what you say during the day.
Coming back: Tell them that you’ll be excited waiting for them and you’ll always be there after they finish the day. Always be punctual when picking them up so they don’t get anxious. Offer your patience and attention in the afternoons by playing with them and paying attention to their emotional state.
Remember that if first experiences are scary for adults, how much scarier they can be for children. As a parent, you have to fill yourself with patience and love to transmit to your child. Sometimes parents can get frustrated and even angry because their child has problems every morning to go to school, but with time and comprehension it’s going to get better.

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