Yoram Yasur Abt: Small habits of happy couples

As Leo Tolstoy once said “All happy families resemble one another, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way”. And we couldn’t agree more with Mr. Tolstoy: couples whose relationship is strong, have something in common that helps them keep their bond for many years and keep going strong every day.
Having a stable relationship doesn’t have to be something complicated, yes it does involve effort and patience, but there are also small, effortless tricks that can help us form a stronger relationship (and they don’t cost a thing!), Yoram Yasur Abt will give you those tricks….
Never leave home without saying goodbye: At first glance, this seems like a minor detail, but kissing your partner and saying something simple as “see you!” even if you are in a hurry, is very important. This parting must become a tradition that shows your love and creates a mood for your partner throughout the day.
Talk to your partner face to face daily: This is something absolutely necessary, and now that we live in the smartphones era sometimes we become better at talking through a screen than in person. Ask your partner how was their day, and tell them how yours went. Make your partner part of the moments in your day where they could not participate. Often people neglect this detail, and this is something that can strengthen or destroy your relationship. Do not procrastinate this conversation until tomorrow or otherwise it will become a habit. Because tomorrow is a new day, with new events and new changes in your life, and the life of your second half to go unnoticed by both of you. This advice has worked for me, Yoram Yasur Abt.
Say ‘I love you’: There is no wrong way to say this sentence. Each time you say it, even after many years, these words have the same importance. Often in relationships people develop different complexes. For example, they worry about not being attractive enough or worthy for their partner, which gradually starts separating couples from each other. You can prevent your partner from having these thoughts just by reminding them that you love them.
Surprise each other: Surprising each other doesn’t mean giving away expensive gifts or organizing elegant dinners. Just giving your partner an unexpected kiss on the cheek and telling them that every day you realize the good fortune that you have with them by your side. Even a small surprises or details bring a spark to keep a happy relationship.

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