Yoram Yasur Abt: Problem with bad grades?

At some point in their student life children will bring home a bad grade in their tests, homework or report cards. For many parents this can mean a big surprise. However, the way parents handle those bad grades affects the vision that children and teenagers have about their academic achievements. Good management of these situations is vital for children to reach their academic achievement and for parents to provide the necessary support. Parents have an important role in the development of self-esteem and safety of their children in front of their school obligations. Yoram Yasur Abt will give you an interesting article about this issue.

Talk about it: Before discussing the matter remember that no matter what we say or how we claim, we will draw nothing if we don’t develop a good strategy so that what we say has the desired effect.

Instead of giving a lesson to the children about what to do and how to study, find out the reasons for that bad grade. Some of the questions you can ask are: Are you having problems with learning that stuff? Do you have difficulty understanding the teacher? Does the method used by the teacher is very difficult or complicated? Are you not motivated by the subject or teacher?

Talk with teachers: It’s vital that parents talk with teachers of their children over poor grades. This way they can learn what the teacher thinks about the problem and that will allow them to compare with what their children thinks that is the source of the problem. Teachers should be allies to parents in finding the best way for their children and students to succeed and achieve better results.

Tackle the problem: If your child believes that a class is very difficult then it is time to reevaluate the expectations that you have as parents. No parent can expect its child to have outstanding grades in every subject. As parents we all want to believe that our children are privileged children but in reality, many children do not reach very high grades and even lower despite studying and working very hard. It is also important to consider the nature of the class where the children are. The best advice Yoram Yasur Abt can give you? Hire a tutor or ask for extra help to teachers is always a good idea.

Should you punish a bad grade? Often the shame felt by the children for bringing home a bad grade is enough punishment for parents to add an extra one. But if you feel your kid does not show any shame or sorrow for the bad marks obtained then it may be necessary to impose some sort of sanction, and prevent extracurricular activities until better grades.

Duties should be reviewed daily to ensure that they are made well and you must also be aware of whether they are meeting the recommended reading and studying the lesson thoroughly for the next day or for testing. It is also very important to strengthen daily their confidence and make them see that they can improve their grades and succeed in the academic field if they try harder and ask for help when needed.

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