Yoram Yasur Abt Why is it important for your children to play barefoot and get dirty?

Educating a child is not an easy task, we do not know what exactly is right or wrong, and often we must be wrong to understand it, but it is part of a process. Society has led us to understand intelligence from an incomplete perspective. That is, we measure the intelligence of a human being with numerical results without realizing that we are obviating a fundamental part: experience. Both sides are necessary, they must coexist, because by eliminating one we are annulling an important part of the education of our children.

Today’s world

The advances of technology and the changes of conceptions regarding daily life have led us to do less and less things for ourselves. Ten years ago, going out to play with the neighboring children was almost an unbreakable ritual. Now children play from a computer without go out. This lack of interaction with the environment makes them more anxious and cancels out a part of their nature. In addition, it causes problems to sleep, alter their behavior, have problems of concentration, lose spontaneity and their sensitivity to the environment becomes limited. Although as parents we realize it, but we do not know the small actions to reverse it.

Ecopedagogy, a healthier way of life

A type of education aligned with nature and the development of creativity is what our children need to be healthy adults, but especially happy children. During the first years of life, they need to be exposed to natural light at least 10 minutes to day. In addition, a space in which they can experiment with colors and textures to favor their creative processes. As they continue to grow, they must face an environment in which prejudices and labels are not part of language. That will allow them to live a more open life with less concern. Yoram Yasur Abt: “We need to know that creativity is not only focused on the creation of literary works, musical pieces or paintings in oil, but is a skill that allows them to be more tolerant, flexible and empathetic, as well as better preparing them for life’s own changes”. As parents we must give our children the possibility to develop all their abilities that is why appealing to this new method of parenting is a good option.

It is time to give them what the 21st century has taken away: the possibility of connecting with their planet. Replenish hours of tablets for outdoor picnics, Xbox games for football matches in the square. Yoram Yasur Abt: “Our children need to be children, let them get dirtier, run barefoot and feel the lawn between their fingers; this will make them more human”.

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