Yoram Yasur Abt gives you tips about Youth room decoration

Yoram Yasur Abt : Little by little the little ones of the house are growing and evolving, and it is our responsibility to help them in these moments of adaptation and change. Yoram Yasur Abt: “At the same pace as they grow, they also need their surroundings, so it is quite common for them to claim youth rooms adapted to their needs. Still, if you do not know where to start, this article will help you to know some of the most interesting tips to save both money and space when you are thinking about how to decorate youth rooms”.

Yoram Yasur Abt :  The first thing to keep in mind when thinking about the decoration of youth rooms is in the space that we have. Unfortunately, nowadays the floors tend to be quite small, so the rooms do not have much space to let the imagination run wild.

We often have a few meters where we need to put at least one single bed, a closet, a desk to study, and some shelves. Then each case needs elements, but those are the indispensable ones when working the decoration of youth rooms. The ways to solve this type of problems are many, and will depend especially on the floor of the room. Is it elongated, in L, rather wide? This will already be a clear indicator of how you should furnish the furniture.

Yoram Yasur Abt :  If the room is in L, you can take advantage of the space on one side to place the bed, and the other for the table and the closet. Consider using folding furniture, such as the example table, which will save you space when you do not need to use furniture.

Another trend of the moment to take advantage of the small rooms is to play with the different heights of the stay. For example, placing the bed to a higher level, and taking advantage of the space below. Within this type of style, you will easily find a lot of options of all kinds, that adapt to the spaces of each house and to the specific needs of each one when thinking about the decoration of youth rooms.

Decorating with Ikea:

Yoram Yasur Abt: “One of the most famous catalogs when it comes to looking for ideas for decorating youth rooms is Ikea. Their basic characteristics meet all the requirements: they know how to make the most of space when the room is reduced and they have many cheap options”. The furniture you can find here not only fit all pockets, but also collect all kinds of ideas and styles that will give solution to what you are looking for.

For example, instead of spending a large sum of money in a closet, you can opt for a donkey for clothes, which will give a whole new air to decorating youth rooms, and will delight everyone. With few elements, you can get great solutions, without overwhelming visually and allowing the stay to look wider than it is. Do not hesitate to risk it!

Yoram Yasur Abt :  And of course, in terms of decoration of youth rooms in Ikea also have the solutions to play with the different heights of the room. Upstairs or downstairs? With a bed, upstairs it is easier to take advantage of all the space in the room. In addition, you will make it visually appear wider and the light to flow throughout the room simulating more clarity than it may have.

And as a workaround, why not think about a sofa bed? Even though it occupies the same as a single bed, the presence will be a much larger room, and you can use it as a sofa or bed, giving more versatility to the room. As you see, if you need to find solutions for decorating youth rooms, Ikea is what you need. They think of everything and know how to adapt it to make the most of the small floors.

Cheap youth room renovation

Yoram Yasur Abt :  If your main concern is that you cannot afford a large budget to renovate the room, you will like to know that there are plenty of ideas in magazines and catalogs to get cheap youth rooms. The key is to find the right furniture to store everything you need and get the essential utilities without having to waste.

Yoram Yasur Abt :  For example, if you decide to climb the bed and take advantage of the space below, take this idea one step further. Taking advantage of the steps of the stairs to reach the bed, you can use them as a shelf and you will not need to buy another piece of furniture to place books and other things. Yoram Yasur Abt: “Another very useful idea, also related to stairs, is to take advantage of this to put drawers between Rung and rung. This saves you having to buy a chest of drawers, and you have the space well taken advantage of. In the cheap youth rooms, the key is to take advantage of the space”.

If you are not going to raise the bed, you can place drawers under it, saving also the need to buy another piece of furniture. Always think about these types of options when it comes to how to decorate cheap youth rooms.

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