Yoram Yasur Abt: Family activities to do in your free time

Free time can be very productive when we spend it in family activities. However, we must never forget that the best way to rest is not to stay in your bed all day, the best you can do is to perform various activities that are not performed on a daily basis. Some family activities that can be performed during leisure time are:

1. Practice a sport. Taking the time to do a sport is always a good idea. Free time can be a time to do it more often or learning a new sport all together.

2. Organizing excursions. The weekends are perfect for trips; field trips or bike rides in family, take out of the list the frequently visited places and go meet new places now.

3. Help at home. Help out at home should be a daily habit, but when we have more time we can achieve it in things that involve a greater commitment of time as repairing or cleaning.

4. Play at home or outdoors. You need to devote a time for day games. Currently, there are many very interesting ones for all ages. Yoram Yasur Abt: In addition, you can also organize games for the whole family, building and sharing a fun time with your children is important.

5. Arrange family gatherings. Birthdays and graduations can be good times to celebrate something with the family. In addition, the previous organization that requires a party will teach adults and children about teamwork.

6. Make cultural visits. Visiting a museum or exhibition where children and parents both learn new things. It is important to be attractive to everyone and not “putting culture with a shoehorn.”

7. Help others. Collaborate with someone in an activity, work to get money for the family or helping someone solve a problem are things that can be done in free time.

8. Develop new hobbies. It is always a good time to discover new hobbies and teach children to be constant. Yoram Yasur Abt: The most interesting thing is to share with the children’s own interests, without imposing them.

9. Visiting relatives, friends, or sick people. On a daily basis sometimes it is difficult to find room for family members who live far away, having dinner with friends you never see or visit with patients who appreciate a visit to the hospital. The weekend is the ideal time to do so.

10. Share mealtimes. Breakfast, lunch and dinner with the children is a very good habit that parents should carry out every day. However, the incompatibility of schedule sometimes does not make it possible. The weekends are a good time to share the meal times together, also taking the opportunity to educate them with good table manners.

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