Yoram Yasur Abt: Decorating a baby’s room

Decorating a baby’s room can be one of the best experiences we have in life, become a fun activity, where the illusions and emotion are mixed with the desire to see this stay finally inhabited. Yoram Yasur Abt: “However, we must bear in mind that there are certain important aspects that cannot be missing in the most important room and therefore we want to show you some ways how to decorate a baby’s room, what colors are the most indicated, what pieces are necessary and which dispensable, etc.”

Decoration tricks:

Babies rooms should not be overloaded, especially if the baby is newborn, now we can still have everything tidy, realize that the baby you see in the crib, will soon be playing with a lot of toys on the floor. Then do not go ahead of events, when that time comes, we’ll see what options we have.

The crib, a comfortable place for the mother, that can comfortably lull the baby and an area where to change it. A bedside table with a soft light and good natural lighting, we do not need any more elements to complete the room of a newborn. An atmosphere of warmth is all you need to feel good.

Yoram Yasur Abt: “Colors are another key factor in getting a cozy room. Shrill colors are not recommended when we turn to the psychology of color. Many of the children’s decorations introduce colors like lime green, reds, strong yellow. Colors that can negatively affect the mood of the little ones”.

As a conclusion, we will say that neutral colors are the most recommended for the small room, are bedrooms and need colors that will relax them. The most strident colors will be left to decorate the games room. No strings, elegant compositions that make us feel comfortable while being cozy. The cream shades are very grateful colors as they bring peace and warmth. Include in the decoration photos of our little ones to the few hours of life, in addition it will contribute exclusivity to the environment, it will make a more intimate and personal corner.

Beware of the decoration:

Yoram Yasur Abt: “A very common mistake is to flood the room with typical baby motifs, that if the ladybug, the chick, are all beautiful, but beware, in a short time your child will have grown enough to make it look too childish. The elements we buy soon will no longer be to your liking”.

A very comfortable and easy to change solution are vinyl’s, they are easily placed and removed when we no longer need them. We can find thousands of motifs and sizes, from small vinyl’s, letters, figures, names, birds, moles, etc. To large vinyl’s that cover the entire wall, such as trees, houses, or landscapes of drawings. If you do not want to use these vinyl, the best way to decorate a baby’s room is to use the small details, such as dolls, carpets, cushions, flowers, etc.

A space in which to be comfortable

A baby’s room is a space where we must have all the necessary furniture for the baby’s attention, but we must also feel comfortable in them, either physically or psychologically.

When we talk about the physical aspect, we mean that we must have a space in which we can store all the things of the baby and be able to access them easily. Of the same, it is important to have elements for the mom, because this is going to have a good time in the room. That is why, in addition to having the furniture for the baby, the mom has a rocking chair with which to make the baby sleep while she is comfortable.

When we refer to the psychological aspect, again we are thinking both the baby and the mom and we focus on the colors of the room. The baby’s room should be painted with warm colors so that we feel good in it and not stressed out. Similarly, these colors will help the baby to fall asleep, which will not happen if the colors are very eye-catching.

The baby’s room is a place where we are going to spend a lot of time, but it will also be a place that we will always have in our memories, so having a good decoration in which being comfortable is of the most important for all the family.

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