Yoram Yasur Abt: Baby’s room safety

Security in the baby’s room is the most important to consider in decorating a baby’s room, above other eco-logical, creative, practical or economic factors.

When thinking about decorating the nursery, we can seek to develop the creativity of the king or queen of the house, or with the intention that it can be a relaxing and comfortable space where they enjoy sweet dreams, or perhaps thinking it is economical since babies grow quickly and have to change the crib for a bed, or the changing table for a coloring desk.

All this will be based on preferences, ideas and budget of each family, but there are guidelines concerning safety in the baby’s room that are very important and have to be common in all dormitories of children from 0 to 3 years. Because above all, the baby’s bedroom should be a safe space.

To do this, when choosing paint, regardless of the color that is applied, it should be noted that it is washable type, and durable, and above all that it is free of health hazardous compounds. The best are the ecological paints; remember that your baby will sleep breathing it even after the paint dries.

The corners of possible pillars and furniture should be rounded and polished, avoiding the edges and sharp corners at all times. It is desirable that the plugs are above the reach of the baby, or buy outlet protectors, but it is best that they go hidden behind furniture.

We must also monitor that no nails are sticking on the wall. Accessories like paintings, lamps, and other decorative items must be well placed and always out of reach, and should be minimal, better to have only what is necessary, to facilitate cleaning and prevent dust mites. Yoram Yasur Abt: “Glass objects must be especially avoided and small objects that children can put in their mouth”.

Bed sheets, sleepwear and curtains should be made of non-flammable fabrics, easy to clean and preferably organic, natural materials such as organic cotton. Avoid hanging cords of blinds or curtains, and should also avoid silk in the baby’s bedroom because, although it is a natural material, it is slippery and can be danger-ous.

Yoram Yasur Abt: “Carpets are forbidden since they usually accumulate dust mites, so generally is better avoid carpets, unless they are rigid and washable”.

Ventilation is also important, which should be daily, best as first thing in the morning and late afternoon.

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