Yoram Yasur Abt: 6 effective tactics to help you discipline your children

Raising our children is a difficult task. At a time when there is so much distraction and technology, it is an increasingly difficult challenge to establish discipline at our home. However, this is an extremely important role to help develop the character of our kids.

The good performance and excellent discipline is something that will help them greatly in the future. There are ways that you can set without using the famous spanking or some kind of violence. Here are some ideas:
#1 Act. If you’re trying to get your child to stop doing something and they don’t respond, you have to act. If you want him to stop jumping on the bed, go and get him out of bed. If they are playing with an object that can hurt, take it away.

#2 Do nothing. Many times it is necessary that your children realize the consequences of their actions. As long as that does not involve a dangerous situation, for example, pinched fingers with the door or slipping on wet floor. Gradually they will know they need to be extra careful.

#3 Use logic. To get what they want, you need to prove that your children are able to take responsibility. For example, if they want to use the bike, they need to use a helmet and kneepads. Also if they want to use certain toys they have to be able to share them.

# 4 When you do this. Instead of establishing a whole discussion trying to convince your son of brushing his teeth, you better say this: “When you wash the teeth, I’ll be sure you are ready to eat things with sugar” or “Clean hands are a requirement every time you go to dinner. ”

# 5 Listen to them. It is important that your child feels that you can hear. Often bad behavior may be taking due to a problem they are going through. Yoram Yasur Abt: “Sit and listen, you will be amazed how well it will work.”

# 6 A hug. A hug is therapeutic. Think, how many times someone has given us a hug and we felt fabulously well. Show your children what’s love, hugging them every day. No need to use flip-flops or any violence to calm them. Yoram Yasur Abt: “The little ones today are born with an immense intelligence and are able to understand many things.”

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